Switch back and forth between Person, Timeline, Family, Ancestor, Descendant, Source, Repository, File Cabinet, Place and Venue views.



Backup and Restore

Biomedical + DNA Panel

Cloud Support

File Storage

Context Sensitive Help

Document possible alternate descriptions of the same Person.

Switch back and forth between Person, Timeline, Family, Ancestor, Descendant, Source, Repository, File Cabinet, Place and Venue views.

Document medical history, blood type, hair and eye color, height and DNA haplotypes.

Optionally store your database, document and multimedia files in the cloud. rootstrust autodetects several popular cloud services and allows you to add additional ones.

rootstrust uses reserved areas called File Cabinets for your linked document and image files to ensure trouble-free moving to a different drive, computer or operating system.  [video: How to use File Cabinets]

rootstrust knows what you are doing, so when you ask for help, it displays a help screen pertaining to your current activity. [video: How to get context sensitive help]

Custom Objects

Enhanced Text

Email Support

Event Sharing

rootstrust has many predefined custom Event types, alternate name types, Event Roles, patronymic name types and search markers. You can add to these as you see fit. You can also customize the names of the hierarchical administrative units of Places by region, the defaults being Village, Parish, Township, County, State and Country.

19 demo videos are available via rootstrust's main menu as well as from the links on this page. Most of the videos are "how to" videos that demonstrate how to perform a specific task or group of related tasks. The others, classified as "introduction / overview" videos; are:  
[video: User interface controls and conventions]
[video: Main Menu Bar]
[video: Toolbar]
[video: Tools]

A built-in editor allows you to enhance your text with color, underlining, boldface, italics, highlighting, numbered and bulleted lists, etc. This is particularly useful when exporting your data to rootsweb.com and other websites that support GEDCOM files containing HTML.

Email files linked to your database to one or more addressees.

Enter an Event for one Person, link document and multimedia files to it, and provide a source citation. When you share this Event with other Persons, they inherit the Event and all of its attributes.
[video: How to share an Event with another Person]
[video: How to share an Event with multiple family members]

Optionally use Evernote as a repository for files and websites you import and link to your rootstrust database.
[video: Using Evernote with rootstrust]

Exotic Date Support

Support for Quaker, movable feast, French Republican, British Regnal, Hebrew, Islamic, Indian and Persian dates.
[video: How to use the Date Wizard],  [video: Tools]

Evernote® Interoperability

Find a Grave

File Linking

Link external document and multimedia files to Persons, Families, Events, Names, Sources, References, Repositories, Places, Venues and DNA Tests. Files can be easily linked via drag-and-drop action.

Link Death and Burial Events to findagrave.com memorials.

GEDCOM Import/Export


Import data into rootstrust from other genealogy programs, and export from rootstrust to other programs, rootsweb.com and familysearch.org.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
[video: How to import a GEDCOM file (Mac OS to Windows)]

The Heraldry panel allows you to link image files of heraldic arms to a Person and provides a text area for including the standard heraldic description of the arms.

Information Files

Available via the "Help" item on the main menu, these files provide information about a number of subjects of interest to genealogists.

International Character Set (Unicode) Support

Extended Keyboard: Select from over 50 preprogrammed panels that support most of the world's languages that use alphabetic or syllabic writing systems. Recently we added panels for the languages of India, Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Tibet and a number of native American languages. You can also create additional panels to support other languages.
[video: Extended Keyboard][video: How to add a language to the Extended Keyboard]

Keyboard Shortcuts: Assign foreign characters to combinations of Control, Shift, Alt and letter keys.
[video: How to create keyboard shortcuts]

Non-Biological Relationships

Associations: Create navigable relationships between people who are not biologically related.

Surrogate Families: When you add an Adoption, Fosterage or Guardianship Event, rootstrust establishes a navigable relationship between child and surrogate parent(s).  [video: How to work with non-biological relationships]

Online Publishing

rootstrust can export the contents of your database in a format suitable for input to GedSite, a website that will convert your data to a web page format that can be published on a website. While GedSite does not publish your data directly, it can help you do so.

Operating System Independence

Runs on Mac OS X (Version 10.7 or later), Windows (except Windows RT) and Linux. If you switch operating systems, you can take rootstrust (the program, databases and linked documents and multimedia files) with you without having to convert anything. You can also install rootstrust on a virtual computer service like Paperspace, Frame and MacinCloud and run it remotely from a Chromebook, an iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or Android smartphone.

Patronymic Name Support

When adding children to a family that is identified as using patronymic names, rootstrust will automatically generate a last name based on the father's forename.

Place Linking

You can link Places that are administratively or historically related such as New Amsterdam and New York City, or Leningrad and St. Petersburg. Linked Places share a common set of notes.
[video: Linking Place objects]
[video: Place notes, documents, multimedia, websites]

Powerful Search

Six search types allow you to search for Persons by name, search marker or biomedical criteria. You can also search for Events by Place of occurrence or Source referenced. A text search is also provided.


Generate an ahnentafel, curriculum vitae, family group sheet, family tree chart, line of descent, narrative, bibliography and gazetteer. Plus you can convert search results into a report.
In addition, 
rootstrust can interface with Charting Companion and 3D Family Tree, products of Progeny GENEALOGY. These programs run on Microsoft Windows only. Charting Companion can generate family tree charts in a great variety of formats and styles, while 3D Family Tree produces a stunning 3 dimensional visual spectacle from your data.

Romanized and Phonetic Variants

Genealogists who enter personal and place names in an orthographic system other than the Roman alphabet can supply Romanized and phonetic variants of those names as outlined in GEDCOM 5.5.1.

Search Markers

Check boxes you can use to assign attributes to a Person such a "Civil War Veteran". You can then perform a search to list all Persons who share one or more attributes. Attributes are predefined for Military Service, Public Service, Miscellaneous and Biomedical.

Secondary Events

Events in which a Person plays a secondary role such as witness or bridesmaid are shown in a separate tab.


Time-Saving Data Entry

Add Multiple Children: Add up to ten children to a family in a single operation.
[video: Add multiple children by age]
[video: Add multiple children by date of birth]
[video: Add multiple children with patronymic names]

Share Multiple: Share an event with a Person’s spouse, children, parents and siblings in a single operation.
[video: Share an Event with multiple family members]

Previewing Combo Boxes: These combo boxes allow you to see the changes a selection would make prior to actually making the selection.



rootstrust provides a set of genealogy tools: relationship calculator, gravestone calculator, Soundex generator, Roman to Arabic numeral converter and eight date converters.  [video: Tools]

USB Flash Drive

rootstrust is available on a specially formatted 64GB or 128GB USB 3.0 flash drive that houses the program, your database(s), backup files and File Cabinets containing document and multimedia files, and it runs on virtually any Windows, Mac or Linux computer. Install rootstrust from it on any computer, or run directly from the flash drive. It executes natively on all three operating systems thus requiring no emulator. rootstrust has commands for transferring a database from your hard drive to the flash drive and vice versa.


User Indexes

Create indexes of Persons, Families, Places, Sources and Repositories. Excellent for linking Persons in your database to individuals that have been assigned unique identifiers in a source work.


Website Linking

If you right click on a text field that contains a web address starting with "http" or "www", rootstrust will load the web page in question into your default browser.


Alphabetical Feature List

Demo Videos