Download the GeoDatabase file

The GeoDatabase is a global city database that contains over three million entries. Each entry includes a region name and geocoordinates. 'Region' corresponds to 'State' for U.S. location, 'Province' for Canada, 'County' for U.K. and Ireland, etc. The county is also included for most U.S. locations. After installing the GeoDatabase, rootstrust will allow you to use it for selecting place name for your Events.
Keep in mind that this database contains only contemporary place and region names. So, you will not find New Amsterdam which was renamed New York in 1664. Nor will you find Königsberg, Germany which in 1945 became Kaliningrad, USSR. You won 't find that either, because it is now Kaliningrad, Russia.
Download it, unzip it and import it into rootstrust using the new “Install Global City Database” entry at the bottom of the Database menu. There is no need to move the file yourself, just use the menu command to locate the file, and rootstrust will do the rest.